VR Esports Academy is an immersive virtual reality training experience for everyone, with several locations world-wide equipped with state of the art VR technology.  Whether you are interested in VR Esports as a casual recreational activity or want to compete at a professional level, we have the right curriculum designed for you.  Increase your spatial awareness, twitch reflex, muscle memory, and body coordination through our expertly crafted training program.


Johan served as the CEO at Futuretown Inc., a Taiwanese VR/AR tech company he co-founded.  With more than 15 years of tech experience, Johan led teams in Vancouver and Taipei, and launched a multitude of software and hardware products globally for the smartphone, film, and video game industry.

Johan Yang

Justin Liebregts is a designer-coder-entrepreneur hybrid with 15 years of experience in the web and tech industry, 10 years in the interactive entertainment industry, 3 years in VR/AR, and 10 years as an entrepreneur.   As co-founder of Futuretown, he played an integral role in the dawn of VR and AR game development.

Justin Liebregts